Island Foot Therapies

Each Island foot treatment begins in your own private suite. Relax with a warm neck wrap and spa beverage as the foot cleansing ritual soothes tired feet. All pedicures come complete with shaping, clipping, de-roughing, buffing and *polish.


Island Spa Pedicure

Ever popular, tried, tested & true...This pedicure comes clean and complete with everything for your feet!

40 minutes$45.00

Hot Lava Pedicure

Slip into bliss as warm volcanic stones are massaged luxuriously over the lower leg, followed by reflexology on the soles of the feet to increase relaxation and release energy. Complete your experience with a hydrating hot lava wrap leaving your feet velvety smooth.

50 minutes$55.00

Royal Thai Pedicure

A soothing foot soak in coconut milk & island vanilla oil softens and nourishes skin and nails in preparation for buffing and shaping. A Balinese sugar scrub gently polishes legs and feet, which are then wrapped in a warm, aromatic-infused paraffin for ultra hydration. Now succomb to pure relaxation with an island stone massage, followed by a French Polynesian polish.

75 minutes$75.00

Island Foot Therapy

Barefoot in Bali

Barefoot in Bali-A refreshing foot and leg massage.
A relaxing massage on the lower leg and calf area help alleviate stress,Reflexology on the feet encourage circulation and release stored tension. A soothing neck massage (included with 50 min. treatment) brings balance back to the body.

Customize your treatment for: Tired legs and feet, Edema(swelling), Arthritis or leg cramps, rough dry feet.

30 minutes$50.00
50 minutes$70.00