Special Massage Rituals

Special Massage Rituals

New Balinese Massage

An Ancient tradition of healing - close your eyes and breathe in the exotic fragrances, as warm oil gently flows over the third eye and back into the hair Your mind is cleared as the oils are gently massage into the scalp and neck. Expert hands slowly and deeply work down your back breaking down tense knots and easing muscle tension, slow methodical movements, steaming herbs compresses , warm oils and spices all create an unforgettable experience for the body, mind and soul.

100 minutes$145.00

Mediterranean Mud Massage

A massage using mineral rich sea mud & cleansing clay's infused with a blend of essential oils, nourish and detoxify the body with the benefits of firming the skin. After showering, a warm Mediterranean oil application hydrates the body and a light pressure scalp massage stimulates the senses.Leaving you balanced and re-energized

100 minutes$150.00

Hawaiian Harmony Massage

Inspired from traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage movements which are long fluid rhythmic strokes, . Two Therapists simultaneously massage the body using this unique style in combination with Thai pressure and stretching techniques.Pure, sublime indulgence

60 minutes$145.00


An Ayurvedic treatment which comes close to the experience of meditation. Warm oils flow soothingly over the third eye (the center of the forehead) across the forehead & into the scalp, melting away worry and tension. A massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders is then performed, encouraging a tranquil state of mind.

30 minutes$60.00

Barefoot in Bali

A relaxing massage on the lower leg and calf area help alleviate stress. Reflexology on the feet encourages circulation and release stored tension. A soothing neck massage brings balance back to the body.

30 minutes$50.00
50 minutes$70.00