Bask in the bubbles...

Benefits of  bubble masking

*Brings relief to dry parched skin  *Soothes sun kissed skin  *Nourishes and softens  *Calms skin irriations

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August 1st - 7th 

Duo massage  $199 couple

For a massage that’s long over dew!

This isn’t your grandmother’s massage - We start with a frothy “bubble masking” delight, to lock in moisture for the dewiest, most delightful renewal you’ve ever experienced!  Your bubbling massage includes a whipped shea butter full body massage that’s both calming and delicious!



August 8th - August 14th

Pedicure & Facial   $125

Life is better with bubbles!

Pedi - We will start with an organic shea butter polish that smoothes any rough surfaces before basking in a frothing bubbling hydration mask that envelopes your legs and feet in minty coolness. Enjoy a second dose of soothing jubilee from a mint julep shea butter massage.

Facial - Enjoy a quick cooling “perk” me up facial that will buff, balance, hydrate and nourish your skin. All you’ll be left with is a radiant glow!



August 15th - August 21st

Body treatment w/ 30 min. massage  $125

Oh happy days!

As we begin your treatment, close your eyes and imagine a quiet shimmering beach. Here’s to kissing dead skin goodbye with a watermelon vodka infused body scrub! Then, an advanced relief foaming whip on the back, infusing skin with calming chamomile and green tea extracts. Skin is ready to rest easy with a massage finale of whipped shea butter.



August 22nd - August 31st

Body treatment  90 min.  $125

The seaside life is for me! 

A gentle creamy whipped Coconut Beach sugar polish banishes any dry, dead or rough edges. Next, a frothy bubbling oasis covers every inch of skin, you’ll bask in a super hydrating active relief foam that provides moisture to parched skin. Your tropical oasis ends with an intoxicating blend of white coconut, pineapple and sweet almond oil for a hydrating massage application.


Oooh la Add On  - Summer 2017


Enhance your spa experience with these seasonal add on favorites!


Sinus Soother  $20

Cool Rosemary Mint mineral soak compress + acupressure massage relieves pressure and sinus congestion.


Sunflower Honey Butter Hand & Foot Cocoon  $20

Luxuriously rich and creamy organic Sunflower Honey Butter is massaged into feet and hands, followed by a warm towel cocoon wrap. Hands and feet have never experineced such softness.


Blushing Beauty  $25

Warm Blushing Agave Oil hair & scalp treatment + scalp massage relieves tension and is an added bonus to any treatment.


Dare to Defy Time!  $25

An anti-aging specialty collagen mask to reverse the signs of aging on our most neglected visible area - the decollete (chest)


The Big Bare Back  $25

Seasonal back scrub treatment with an organic sugar and shea butter scrub before/after massage. Gentlemen's favorite!


Lavender Hibiscus Eye Treatment  $20

Cotton pads steeped in a Lavender Hibiscus mineral soak soothes the delicate eye area and provides a tension relief as you enjoy a head, neck and scalp massage.