The Villa Now Open!

We are very excited about the opening of The Villa @ Second Wind! (located right next door) 

The Villa is A wellness studio ... A place for you to come have fun, Take care of yourself and do something...JUST FOR YOU because we all need a little me time!

Creative and Fun classes

-  Sangria & the Brush  - Seasonal Wreath Making  - Create Your Own Happiness Box  - Open Studio days, and more to come.

Inspirational Workshops

Remember to Twirl!  -  Beautiful Words Project  - Finding My Way Home Again:  A journaling class

Embrace the Person you Are with

Meditation:  Say Hello to yourself again!

Yoga for life: Yoga provides a retreat from or busy lives

Simply Stretch: Everyone can use a little stretch to loosen them up and feel good.                                                                      

Enjoy the Moment with

Monthly Pop Up Shops, and Events

Rent the Villa

For your next special occasion

Birthday, Bridal showers, workplace meetings, friends gatherings etc...

Call the Spa director for more information

The Villa - a Wellness Studio 


Wellness Classes

Each class is a small group session designed for all levels personalized and individual attention is given to all guest

Reservations  and prepayment required to reserve your space


YOGA  all levels

Yoga is known to soothe tension and anxiety in the mind and body. Yoga combines many popular stress-reducing techniques, including exercise and learning to control the breath, clear the mind, and relax the body. Each class will focus on different yoga variations. 
Establishing a consistent yoga routine is the best way to experience
the difference yoga can make.

Monday:     8:30 am 
Tuesday :      5:30 pm     

$20  per class  


SIMPLY STRETCH  all levels

In SIMPLY STRETCH we will use gentle stretching and lengthening of all the major muscle groups throughout the entire body. No matter what your fitness or flexibility may or may not be, this class is for everyone and is designed to enhance vitality and an overall sense of well-being Consistent stretching over time is an incredible stress reliever and helps to improve one’s mobility which help to decrease injury and tension. 

Come find your Zen in a class tailored to benefit each of us in a meaningful way. 

Tuesday: 8:30 am 
Wednesday: 5:30 pm

$20  per class   


10 classes mix and match + 1 infrared Sauna Session  for  $180 - 

Please arrive on time and bring your own yoga matt for health and hygiene purposes 
This is your time to focus on yourself - Please leave behind cell phones, pagers and beeping watches 
During class, social conversation is not encouraged, however  questions to the instructor are always encouraged 

We are grateful you have chosen us to be a part of your journey




Events - 


No events are scheduled.