Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats

Four specially designed spa packages that will focus on inner wellness, instill serenity, and support you on a path to health and well-being.

Breathe Retreat

Aromatic Healing Oils
Therapeutic Massage
enhanced with Herbal
compress therapy.

Take a deep breath...exhale slowly...
lemongrass and eucalyptus fill the air
as warm healing oils glide over the body,
steamed herbal compresses gently pressed
on the back melts away tension allowing
your mind to soften and surrender.

75 minutes$100.00

Restore Retreat

Relaxation Sauna session
75 min. Signautre Massage
Indonesian Scalp Massage

Tension is who you think
you should be...
Relaxing is who you are...
"Chinese Proverb"

2 hours$140.00

Awaken Retreat

Organic Coffee Scrub
Meditation room retreat
Upfliting Mineral Mud Facial

Awaken the soul with this aromatic
invigorating coffee scrub and natural
uplifting mud facial. Then seize the
moment in the meditation room to
quiet the mind and direct awareness
inward. Until pure awareness is
achieved, described as "being awake
inside without being aware of
anything except awareness itself."

2 hours$145.00

Balance Retreat

Detoxification Sauna session
Himalayan Salt Scrub
Mediterranean Mud Massage

When we feed the body nutrients
from the earth & sea - the organic
ingredients in them encourages
detoxification, & re - hydration
bringing the body back to a natural

3 hours$245.00